Blogging (A Writer’s Escape)

Where am I going, and why am I in a handbasket?

Wow – its been a Hot Minute!

Literally – I just looked and I have not posted on here since December of last year. So the question is – Tony, what the hell have you been up to? Well – let’s see…– Took up the #hobbystreak on December 7th (currently at 47 days today) with my miniature painting– Forests of Avalon went […]

What have I been doing?

So it’s been like 3-4 weeks since I’ve added to the blog. Partially it was because we had finished the novel and I needed a break from writing. So – I’ve been painting, specifically miniatures. I bought into Warhammer this past year because that was what all the cool kids were doing (ie. my friends […]

A Conversation in the ER

To start – I was not in the ER, but I was with someone who was there for a medical emergency. At that sametime, I was on the phone with someone who was luckily not in the ER because of the events of their day. It was as if all the emergencies in the world […]

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