A Conversation in the ER

To start – I was not in the ER, but I was with someone who was there for a medical emergency. At that sametime, I was on the phone with someone who was luckily not in the ER because of the events of their day. It was as if all the emergencies in the world had decided to converge on that one weekend in early October.

To say I was stressed was an understatement – but I was needed in both the ER and over the phone. After all matters had been ‘resolved’ – I was silent on the way home as a thought had churned in my head. It was an old memory from years ago. Now when I say years ago – I mean almost 20 years ago. Something that was told to me in as much vivid detail as I could remember to the point where it gained real estate in my head. I think it was a seed that was looking for the correct germination.

I can only hope that I did it justice, but its for you buddy. Hope you get a chance to read it – its called A Thousand Tears


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