Wow – its been a Hot Minute!

Literally – I just looked and I have not posted on here since December of last year. So the question is – Tony, what the hell have you been up to?

Well – let’s see…
– Took up the #hobbystreak on December 7th (currently at 47 days today) with my miniature painting
– Forests of Avalon went live on December 11th and now is available on Amazon
– Had Christmas
– Had New Years
– Dropped another Newsletter that announced our first crack of a podcast called Fantasy Footnotes (you should give it a listen)
– Working on a video concerning hobby streak.

So what am I doing now? In a word – editing…all the damn editing of the podcasts as well as writing stuff for book 3. Yep – book three is in the works.

On a side note – finally found time to listen to the 2nd Season of Rabbits. Maybe I need Path Cards.

Until next time,

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