What I meant to do…

So I told myself that I would post on the weekends – totally forgot about that because I spent the previous week doing editing for book two. I JUST now completed the editing for book two (first run through). I also spent the weekend writing up our newsletter.

Did I mention we are gonna have a newsletter?

So yeah – newsletter. Its about 90% complete. I have to do a few formatting things to it and it will be ready to go. I really do not have much to update other than my first run edits/read through were done and I got the first news letter complete (along with mapping out the next four months).

Honestly – we’ve spent MONTHS writing this book. On Thursday, CS & I talked about the time we put into this. True story – she started writing in JULY of 2020. LIKE LITERALLY AFTER WE GOT DONE WITH BOOK 1! *chuckles*

It took us 12 months total for this book because the pandemic hit us both pretty hard. Like literally drained us of our ability to focus on anything other than our families and each other’s wellbeing. The first novel took us about six month, was shorter and was a first time endeavor. With book three (yes – you know there will be a book three) – we will be in fine form and get the book done in two weeks…

*ducks laser eyes of vengeance and coffee mugs from CS’s desk*

Seriously – the third novel should be quicker than a year, but we will see. Either way, watch this video. Relax – enjoy the music. Hope you all are safe.


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