Lost: Good Ideas

I think this entry will be a bit short because its 11:11 on a Sunday Night and I should have been in bed half an hour ago. Yes – trying to enforce bedtimes on an adult. The worst thing is this is usually the time when I start getting good ideas. That of course brings us to the reason for this post.

Good ideas – gods, I think I had four or five interesting pieces I wanted to write on for this weekly posting. Yet – only one one survived and became a 2k introduction to a side story. Well…I want it to be more than a short story. I talked to C.S. about the idea and like always – the really cool idea in my head sounds like absolute garbage when I try to explain it aloud. Does this happen to everyone else? Yeah – sure, I can explain the nuances and particulates of the Clone Wars Saga or the detailed lore of a D&D concept with great passion and detail. Yet – that passion and detail just goes right out the window when someone asks what I’ve created. I go from an articulate orator to ‘I like cheese can count with my fingers’ in less than five seconds.

What was it that I said earlier? Hey Shakespeare called and he wants his words back.

Either way – so yes, good ideas. I had several and now I have none. I have now employed a small miracle of modern day technology. For those unfamiliar with this high form of tech – I call it a ‘NOTEPAD & PEN’. Yes I know – it is a very technical name, and its difficult to describe the full functionality of this device; I believe it may aide me in retaining these good ideas. Time will only tell…so yeah – of those brilliant ideas – only one survived. Lets see what next week will bring when I actually write stuff down…

…just have to remember TO write stuff down.


PS: 11 chapters edited…lots more to go for Book #2

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