The Day Facebook Died?

I’m mostly writing this only because I promised a weekly blog. It should have been done yesterday, but instead I was 16 again listening to Cat Power, Garbage & Alanis Morrisette in a live show. Lots of memories and drifting thoughts from that concert of who I was then in comparison to who I am now.

However, I digress. Apparently person (or persons) unknown wiped the DNS address from the global routing system so a chunk of social media just took a dive. My phone has not been this quiet in a while and it’s kinda blissful. Says a lot about social media really. Sure SnapChat is still doing its thing, and Twitter is ever present – but with FB & Insta down – gods know what the general populace is going to do. Meanwhile – share holders and billionaires are screaming about their lost revenue. Screw’em – I have no sympathy for them, just like anti-vaxxers who die due to their own stupidity.

So yeah – enjoy your free time before the social media prison opens up again. I know I’ll be there once again – the trick is knowing when you can walk out an unlocked door.


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