Onward and Upwards (especially if you are in Hell)

Am I in Hell? No, but wait until May and Arizona does give the nether realm a run for its money. So yesterday was a rush of thought and a lot of bull crap in between. So I’m trying to bring myself into a habit/routine in order to create some focus. I am also trying to get more invested in the project management aspect of my life. Two weeks ago I watched a TED talk that kinda stuck in my brain and now I’m trying to give it more space in my head. Take a look here if you are interested. So now with lists

To Do
– FGotM…support and run. Don’t panic, you can do this. It isn’t really quitting – it is just pauses between drags.

-MMCC… T.R.P. – do designs and talk to Shannon. Make your own mark

-MMCC… Update kit. You need to update kit and consider losing more weight so you don’t hate what you see in photos
Yes this sounds all “third person” because I do talk to myself

-Garage…you need to get this done

-Shirts…get off your ass and sew. You have two half assed jobs. Make them happen.

-City’s Reflection…WE need to see you again. WE need to hear you hear us hear you. Are you listening?

-PhxCC…beginning require no fear, only committment and you are committed enough to run an asylum. Go and grab the white coat and make St. Vitus proud.

A list. See, was that so hard? Also – download the app to your phone.


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