Chapter 2 – Shadows Over the Doorway

Tracy fell asleep soon after that. She and her father had ice cream and looked at the photo album and laughed and cried some more. Abel watched curiously at all the photos. Some of them were indeed funny, but he couldn’t understand the smiling and crying at the same time. Then again – he couldn’t understand much as it seemed he had gone from a very timid bear to a much able one.

The room was dark save the nightlight in the shape of a monkey against the far wall. Careful not wake her, Abel slipped out of her arm and wandered down the bed. The pictures of Princesses and Unicorns on the covers seemed to smile at him. It was curious sensation indeed. Sitting on the edge of the bed he looked across the huge expanse of her room. For a small bear like Abel – Tracyland was very large indeed. It wasn’t as big as Yellow Kingdom of Kit-Chen which seemed like a day’s journey from Tracyland.

“I best explore it, just in case Tracy ever gets lost,” he said to no one in particular. Sliding off the bed, he landed into a pair of slippers. They hand long ear and their noses wiggled. They said nothing and continued wiggling their noses in the carpet. In fact they didn’t seem to notice Abel at all when we waved. Admittedly, he had no time to visit as his curiosity drew him to the door that led into All-Way. He thought that Tracy called it the All-Way because all things went that way in the All-Way. The Yellow Kingdom was a ways down so he would have to work quickly. He didn’t want Tracy to wake and think he had run away.

Making his way across Tracyland to the huge door, he slowly pushed it to allow the crack of light to become big enough to let him pass. It was then he felt a cold wave wash over him…

Feeling cold was curious sensation – especially for a bear that is always warm and keeps others warm. There seemed to be the sound of a deep rumble…a chuckling sound? Abel paused and looked back. He could see the bundle of Tracy far away on the other side. She was partially obscured by the shadow. It seemed a little darker than before – but he had traveled a long way and he was still getting used to his blinking eyes. Satisfied that she was sound asleep, he turned and walked into the lit All-Way.
Abel's Map

The All-Way had strange blues lights. It was much more mysterious at night. He looked across the way and he saw golden stars on another huge door. “I best make a map so I know where I’ve been he said and looked around. A scrap of paper was nearby. Searching around in the corner, he found a small grayish object that could mark the paper perfectly. Looking to his right, he saw the outside sky and the white stars twinkling in the night sky. Turning his attention at the door across the way – he waited for the golden stars to twinkle as well. He waited for a bit yet they did not twinkle like the far away ones. “Perhaps that is where the stars are made?” So with that – he marked his map and gave it a satisfied nod. There was much to do for a bear. He could not let Tracy get lost so he carefully hurried along his way.

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