Chapter 1 – A New Friend

His name is Abel Crumb. He was a bear of little repute. He actually started among a batch of other stuffed creatures for a ungrateful rich girl named Barbara…or Barbie as her mom caller her. It wasn’t until Abel was given away that he found his true home with Tracy.

Tracy was only 8 when he dad brought the bear home. He had been a donation that he picked up for his little girl to cheer her up. Tracy’s big brother had gone to some far away place that Tracy did t understand, much less could pronounce. Her dad told her he was there to help little girls like her. So when she got the bear, she named him Abel. He became the companion at tea parties and slow dances in fancy dress.

Little did Abel and Tracy know what lay before them…

Despite the fun she and Able had – there was always a sadness that lingered about Tracy. It has been many months since she had seen her brother. Then there was the day that clouds seemed their darkest…

Tracy’s dad was crying when some men in funny clothes came. He hugged Tracy and couldn’t really say much. He said that her brother would not be coming home. With large eyes – Tracy gripped Abel’s arm and ran into her room. She wanted to see her brother with all her heart and she couldn’t understand why he wasn’t coming back.

A week or so later – which seemed like years to Tracy in Tracyland (as she called her room) – her father sat down with her. Through tears and a few tantrums, Tracy understood that her brother was not coming back because he had died helping others in the far off place. Her father had taken out a funny looking star with a ribbon. Her dad said they had given it to him for bravery and now he needed her to be brave. Reaching over, he pinned it to Abel. She nodded because it was best. Both of them cried as father held daughter.

Neither notice that for the first time Abel Crumb blinked.

Abel was sad and wanted to cry to – but for some reason his eyes would not. However he understood the immense sadness that Tracy had. Off in the distance though, he heard a low chuckle. It came from the shadow cast from the door. Abel could see something watching but couldn’t make out what. He was still amazed that he could do more than just think. Not wanting to scare his friend, he decided to remain still before he explored his new found freedom.

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